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Exclusively available to Hamilton Lashes Clients, is our Lash Growth Product (sorry, its a secret).
Ideal for clients with existing extensions or those who are finding their lashes are brittle after years of smoking or poor nutrition, Our secret is your Lash and Brow Savior.
We always recommend a nutritional approach to improve hair, however this product is great for quick results.  If you would like to reserve your bottle send a text and we will have it available for your next appointment to take home and help those brows and lashes grow grow GROW!

Hamilton Lashes has a secret that can help your Lashes get thicker and stronger therefore Longer. And thicken your brows too!
Curiosa Neways Henna Eye Brow And Lip Pens

Just in...
We are so happy to finally be able to bring to you, Our lovely Clients, the Henna makeup range  from Sweden , Curiosa Neways Henna Stain. This is the most amazing and gentle product, and we feel so privileged to have been chosen as a stockist. The entire range of lip. brow and eye pens,is organic and available with us. We've trialled the product extensively over the last 8 weeks, and it is the most lash extension friendly eyeliner we've ever used. The brow pen is a miracle. A must have for any girl. And the Lip Stains!! They taste amazing, and the colour lasts all day (and the through to the next morning) ITS HENNA!!
Hamilton Lashes-Brisbane Best Eyelash Extensions

Blink Eyeliner pencil specifically made for those of us with Eyelash Extensions!!
Only $40, glides on easily and comes off just as easily.
Available in 3 rich  colours (doubles up as a great eyeshadow too).
Each pencil comes with its own specialist sharpener.
Get in quick...stock is limited.

........also just in.......

More of our gorgeous Brown hued eyelash extensions have arrived!!
Still looking black against those with fairer hair and complexions, Brown Eyelash Extensions are ideal for Ladies with red or blonde hair. their "look" is less severe against the skin. VERY popular.

We only sell our  extension friendly makeup to Hamilton Lashes Clients.

Been using mascara on your extensions? Swap it for this! They will be less prone to come away, and you can give them the same dark glossy look on those nights out where you've been led astray and coated your extensions in the one thing guaranteed to make them come away sooner...MASCARA!!